Hello, my name is Kerry Lee! Thanks for stopping by. I LOVE jewelry!!! This is my passion that I would like to share with you. Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, I will help you find the perfect piece that you will love and cherish forever! Or until you get tired of it.


It all started when I was 13. My mother said it was time for me to have my first piece of good jewelry, since I was getting older and more responsible. We went to the Rock and Gem shop. It was filled with big, glass cases; rows and rows of beautiful gems. A few cases just had settings with no stones in them. There was regular jewelry available, but if you so desired, you could pick out your own stone and then find the appropriate setting. It didn’t take me long to find the stone that called to me, a beautiful pink Lindy Star gem. In the sunlight the star was so brilliant. It was the prettiest thing I had ever seen! Soon it would be mine. Then we went to the ring settings. Once again, the choice was easy. A 14k white gold setting, with tiny diamonds on either side. Within minutes, the ring was set and on my hand.

It was the first of many pieces of special jewelry I have received through my life, whether gifted to me, or purchased on my own. Thinking back, it was not just the ring that was important to me, but the way it made me feel and how it connected me to the giver. At 13, I didn’t feel very good about myself. Trying to find my way in the world; a skinny girl with crooked teeth and curly hair at a time when straight hair was in. I was not the most popular girl in school, and tended to hang out with the boys. But that ring made me feel beautiful inside and formed a new bond with my Mother. This was her way of showing me how beautiful I was and how much I was truly loved.


I would imagine that not everybody loves jewelry as much as I do. My armoire is overflowing and when I get dressed each day, I match my jewelry to my outfit. If I am getting together with a friend or loved one who has gifted earrings, necklace or bracelet, I will wear it to show them how much they are loved and appreciated. I waited 53 years to find the right man who I fell madly in love with, but he was divorced twice and wanted no parts of another marriage. It was to be my first marriage and I wasn’t giving up. The first year of our relationship, I picked out the ring I wanted at Zales. I gave my future husband the card of the salesperson Betty, who checked in with him regularly. On my 56th birthday, he presented me with the ring and we were married 7 months later.

What is the favorite piece of jewelry you own? Is it your wedding ring? Do you like earrings, necklaces or bracelets? I never even owned a bracelet until I was 50. A very good friend of mine brought me back a bracelet from the Islands. A sterling silver hook bracelet that had different meanings depending on which way the hook was facing. If it was inward, you were receiving love. But if outward, you should give love to someone. Are you born in October like me? Opals are supposed to be good luck but folk lore says it must be given to you by a loved one. Or were you born in July, sporting ruby red earrings? April is the month of diamonds, but I will take them anyway lol Do you prefer bling, or are you the earthy type who likes metal jewelry, crystals and pendants?



Let me show you the top jewelry websites and help you find gems for a beautiful you! Something that makes you feel good at your core. A piece that when you put it on says, “This is me and I LOVE it!!!” When I picked out my husband’s wedding ring, I knew that he was not big on jewelry. He does love his watches and has a great collection. I matched his favorite watch with a black shiny tungsten ring. I knew silver or gold didn’t matter so much to him. I didn’t particularly like the offerings at Zales, so ended up going to Overstock.com He tells me he loves his ring more than his two previous wedding rings (hmm, could it also be he loves me more than his previous two wives?) and gets many compliments on it. Everyone thinks I paid a fortune for it, but it was actually a steal at the price!  To reiterate, it’s not just the jewelry, but the giver and the meaning. If you follow my blogs, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only will I will I be reviewing the old favorites, but I will be watching for new vendors and artists watching for the best deals and promotions.

If you have a specific request on something you are looking for, please drop me a line and leave a comment.  I will be happy to help you!

All my best,

Kerry Lee




  • Excellent article, well written and great at informing us about the topic, have booked marked this page in fact !
    Many thanks Jason

    • Thank you, Jason for your kind words and uplifting review. I look forward to sharing more of my passions with you.

      All my best,
      Kerry Lee

  • Hi Kerry Lee,

    Just checked out your website,

    Great layout, content and structure and the boggs are great with the right amount of images

    The only thing I can suggest is that you could add additional drop down tabs showing different tabs with different gems, per tab

    All the best
    Wince WA

    • Thank you Wince, I am currently formulating the best structure and direction to take. Appreciate your helpful advice.
      Warm regards,
      Kerry Lee

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