If you have never heard of Andesite don’t feel bad, neither did I up until a few years ago. It is a rare find and actually my andesite ring found me; I certainly wasn’t looking for it. Wikipedia describes andesite as an extrusive, igneous, volcanic rock. Boy, that’s a mouthful! What does it mean? Well, I am not a geologist but I will attempt to describe it in my own words. Andesite comes from the Andes Mountains in South America, where it is mostly found in volcanoes. When lava flows cool down, crystals are formed and that’s what is used to make jewelry. The classification is difficult of this unique stone because experts can’t seem to agree it andesite is rock or mineral. Geologists require mineral analysis to classify rocks and gems that are usually not affordable or practical. As for me, the rock I display with pride on my right hand is the finest andesite antique handcrafted jewelry in the world!


As I mentioned before, I wasn’t looking for andesite or for that matter, any new jewelry. God knows I have enough. But it was October, a very special month because my birthday is on the 29th of October. It was early in the month and the crisp fall air was just settling in. That particular day I was dressed in my brown tweed coat with strands of orange color woven into it, purple blouse, light tan pants and my reddish purple patent leather shoes. Adorning my neck and ears was my Sorrelli jewelry. Similar to the Standing Ovation collection only the stones were deep purple. (I know I am writing about Andesite but I had to give a plug on my favorite jewelry!) The perfect fall outfit. You might be wondering why I am spending so much attention to detail on my outfit, but this will come into play later. October also happens to be the biggest month in furniture sales, and I was promoting our Friends and Family sale at the end of the month. Up and down Penn Avenue I visited the little shops to drop off fliers offering 15-20% savings. New World Jewelers was my final stop. The owner happens to be a friend of mine. He designs most of his own jewelry and I have acquired a few pieces here and there. Nice thing about stopping here was that he has a lounge in the back where you can sit, chat and have some fresh brewed coffee or tea. There was a display case in the hallway from the front showroom leading back to the lounge. And there it was. My new Andesite Ring!!!


The case that it was in was mostly antique jewelry, the kind I am always drawn to. My friend advised me that this particular case was just for his estate jewelry purchased from auctions or they were on consignment from the owner. The owner of the ring that I liked didn’t care for it. It was a gift and she just wanted to get some money for the value. Then the magic question, “Can I try it on?” You guessed right; it was a perfect fit. The hallway was dark and I needed to see it in the light. When we entered the front showroom, I could see it glittering. It was a raised oval stone surrounded with sparkling diamonds. Remember before I was telling you about my outfit? This ring totally matched everything I had on!!! I held it up to my Sorrelli collection, match. As I waved my hand from head to toe, it was a perfect match. I couldn’t take it off!!! Then came the big question I was afraid to ask. How much? It was a pretty penny but well worth it. Besides, it was my birthday month and I’ve always tried to do something nice for myself for my birthday. I’ve already bought cars in October, this was a lot less. Talk about perspective. That is how I justified my new acquisition!


Being a lover of gemstones for many years, I know that each particular stone carries a deeper meaning to it and andesite also has a metaphysical meaning. When researching my newly acquired stone, the first thing I learned about andesite was that it was good for grounding and staying focused. This is important to me because I tend to be scattered at times, going from one thing to the next without finishing the first one. The Internet doesn’t help with this because it’s very easy to get distracted. But I am learning this can be a blessing at times because that’s how I started this website and my new career in Affiliate Marketing. Back to the meaning of stones. (See how that works, good I have my ring on!) More attributes to this stone are that it helps you to have a forgiving heart, and to detach from old thoughts and beliefs, encouraging the wearer to look at attaining new beliefs and goals. This in turn helps us to look inward for support, strength and love. Well if it does all that, it’s worth a lot more than I paid for it! The ring just increased in value as these are important ideas and are aligned with my values.


I have a gazillion necklaces, earrings and bracelets that I interchange and wear but only about 10 good rings. My wedding ring is the only ring that I never take off or change. But my right hand displays a few different rings that have great meaning to me. One of them was my Mother’s cocktail ring which was from Kay’s Jewelers, given to me at the birth of my daughter. Since I didn’t have a wedding ring at the time, it symbolized my independence and strength as a single mom. Another selection is one my daughter gave me when she was a child. She found it on the street when she was playing. At first I thought it was junk and threw it in my jewelry box. A few years later I was selling some junk gold which was basically broken chains and settings. That ring was included in the pile and I was told by the jeweler it was real. After he cleaned it up, it was a beautiful rare amethyst stone in a silver antique setting. I still love my other rings very much but I must say my new andesite ring has risen to the top. It’s stunning beauty is eye catching and not only does it make me feel beautiful, I feel grounded, focused and driven to reach new goals. Amazing what a little bling can do!


  • What a lovely post.
    You have inspired me to go and have a look in my old jewellery box as I too have some rings and gems that have been there for years.
    Look forward to seeing more of your posts.

    • Thanks for your kind review, Melanie! I am glad to have inspired you. If I can help you identify any lost treasures or meanings of stones, I would be more than happy to help. Take care, Kerry Lee

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